The Riffs: Annihilator

Midnight Walk's debut?

So I got the brilliant idea to start something new... 😏

A series of musical shorts that I will release periodically with music videos accompanied by it...

The series will be called "The Riffs" [Dramatic sound effect, please 😋]

The artist under which I am publishing these is "Midnight Walk" (A name I recycled after being used many years ago by myself, making small songs with FL Studio)

The first of this series is "Annihilator", which is what this post is about.

The Riff

The music video to the song,

The song can be downloaded as mp3 (320kbps) from here.
(If you are using it for anything, credit me 😏)

Under the Hood

From the variety of genres that could be picked, I chose to improvise a simple riff on the current situation in the world.

Annihilator is synonymous and refers to something that we are battling right now (Great job, if you figured it out now ðŸ˜)

For the most important question now- "How did I do this? ðŸ¤”"

Essential Ingredients 101

  • Electric Guitar
  • Guitar Interface (to connect to PC)
  • FL Studio 12
  • Guitar Rig 5
  • Tripod (eh, sort of a tripod)
  • Camera
  • CyberLink PowerDirector
That's all that it took to make this (not to forget, a simple sick riff by me is included too ðŸ˜‰)

Guitar + Guitar Interface --> FL Studio 12 + Guitar Rig 5  = Sick guitar effects (Rhythm and Solo)

FL Studio 12 = Drums and other sound effects

Camera + Tripod + PowerDirector = Music video

Took a bit of work (say about 12 hours in total, I didn't keep track really) annd Voilà, released it!


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